Few More Tips for Enhancing your Website Designing

On-page factors are essential component of web designing. It basically involves the content or text that people see when they land on a web page. Here the factors that are responsible for making content of website appealing are its relevance and value that is seen and read by the visitors.

Every web page contains heading tag that consists of primary keywords for that particular topic. Many times you cannot utilize this component as it has visual impact on web layout. However many search engines gives preference to this as it targets the main content and the relevance of targeted keywords.

Any website’s pages are created to meet certain human demands and benefits, therefore SEO should not outshine this goal. Web pages that go overboard in keyword stuffing and site optimization are not liked by Google. Also your site visitors would be de-motivated when they would find too many words are highlighted or made bold. Unlike real people Google and search engine crawlers are very advanced in reading the web pages with similar excellence. Average word count of a web page is about 200-250 words, with primary keywords being used around 3-4 times.

Nearly all websites present on internet has images, videos or both of them. All graphics compulsorily have file names, experts recommend to name the images with keyword descriptions. It is popularly known as ALT Tags. Major search engines give grading to a website on the basis of the manner ALT tags are used. Many website surfers have experienced viewing of a site with non-loaded images. Be very specific when you name an image instead of being general.

A website that is designed in a professional manner and looks the same is surely popular among its target customers and online users. Be very clear and precise in planning your site design and infrastructure. Don’t hesitate to instruct your visitors to tell them what to do and how to do it, if such things are necessary. For instance in case you are having online shopping portal you need to give valid instructions at certain points so that their shopping experience is easy and wholesome.

After your website is ready go for its testing. See it by yourself and ask your friends, colleagues or employees to surf your website. It should be free from any broken links and should load fast and easy to follow. These were some points related to website design which should be implemented for better results.

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