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Websites Getting Interactive with Web 2.0

Stian Eikeland / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA From the time since web 2.0 has been introduced, manner in which online business proceedings used to occur has been changed a lot. Here major areas that have witnessed transformation are the computing platform serving users as well as the web applications. There are different web 2.0 technologies…

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Ways to Get Out of Downtime Issues

Every website suffers from ‘downtime’ no matter how good the web hosting services they use. Even if utmost care and precautionary measures are taken to avoid such situation, it is bound to happen sometimes. The web hosting companies that offer 99.99% uptime, suffers from the situation many times. Other reasons for downtime can be illegal…

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Few More Tips for Enhancing your Website Designing

On-page factors are essential component of web designing. It basically involves the content or text that people see when they land on a web page. Here the factors that are responsible for making content of website appealing are its relevance and value that is seen and read by the visitors. Every web page contains heading…

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